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The Karate Kid

This moment has been in the making for 7 years.  Ever since we found out I was pregnant, my husband has dreamed of the day he can take our son to karate lessons (not to be sexist, but the girl has no interest). Our son turned 3 just a few weeks ago, and my husband wasted no time signing him up for martial arts lessons.  My husband is a 2nd degree blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do, and a 1st degree black belt in Seido Karate, practicing for over 25 years.  He scoped out several local karate places to ensure the integrity of where the boy would train.  More importantly, his favorite movie is the Karate Kid, seen probably hundreds of times. Ok I love it too - who doesn't? ("Daniel LaRusso's gonna fight????")  Our son isn't named Daniel by accident, although my husband claims there's no connection.  :)  The next Karate Kid? A big shout out to High Performance Tae Kwon Do!


a day at the beach


with summer (well, spring,) approaching, I'm reminded how much i LOVE the beach.    This session is from the end of last summer, and I never got around to blogging it but couldn't wait to do it now with the warmer weather approaching.  Such a fun, light-hearted session, with two adorable kids. [gallery columns="1" ids="730,743,740,728,732,755,725,719,744,731,723,729,749,727,745,742,738,720,718,750,746,724,747"]


party of 5


This session is near and dear to my heart, since it's not often that you get to photograph your best friend's baby, let alone her third baby!  What a lucky little man to have these two as parents and to be born with two big brothers!   Can't wait to see the special bond they share as they grow up.  I was so honored to be there to capture these special moments for them.  Love you guys. xoxo  

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little man in the park


The best sessions are the ones where the families are relaxed, in love with eachother, and HAPPY.  And this session definitely fit that bill.  I first photographed this adorable little boy when he was a guest at a friend's birthday party -- I was in love with his little face and scrunchy-nose-smiley-face (the same one my own son does!) from the start.  

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You'd never know it was October 4 here in New York given the weather this week... summer didn't want to say goodbye just yet so snuck back in for a few days. All this beautiful weather reminded me that it was barely over a month ago that we spent a gorgeous week out on the beach out in Montauk with our good friends. In honor of the weather this week, and the fact that I hate saying goodbye to the beach for the next 7 or so months... a Montauk post to bring us back to the beach![gallery columns="1" show_captions="true" ids="423,421,422,424,428,419,418,417,410,415,411,412,413,425,414"]

A Birthday Celebration


What better way to start off my blog than with a birthday celebration! And even better, at Nunley's Carousel! When a good friend and fellow photographer asked me to shoot her daughter's 3rd birthday party I was honored and so excited to document this day for them. Happy 3rd birthday Emerson!!

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