Mommy and me

I always say one of the best times of my life was right after my daughter was born.  I decided to take a bit of time off to spend with her before going back to work.  The days were long... adjusting to our new lives, finding things to do, meeting new moms, walking around our brooklyn neighborhood for hours (and hours) on end.  (Iced coffee and blueberry muffins, anyone? ;) You know who you are).  I miss the quiet times and the feeling of having nothing but time, but more importantly, having my days with just my baby, and our dog. This session hit the spot for me.  Just capturing that 'mommy and me' time, when there's no one else around, no errands to run, no sports or activities to get to, pick ups, drop offs, etc etc etc.  Being in their own little bubble.  And i'm so glad i was there to capture some of these moments for them.  I know it sounds cliché, but it's true - years from now, when you're looking at pictures like this, they will melt your heart.  You'll be reminded of what cereals they loved for breakfast.  what toys were their favorite at the moment.  the little faces they made at you when they didn't like what you said, or when they did.  THOSE are the pictures, and moments that i live for. I don't have a shoot like this from when my first was my only, and i'm upset about that, but it's reminding me NOW that i need to be in more photos myself, with my 3.  Before they grow up and and get older, and have more activities and playdates and schedules.  Not before x,y, and z happens. But NOW.   If you want to remember this time of you and your little one(s), contact me and let's do it asap.  Before they get any older. 

All images captured on film using Portra 800.